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Safetji Information 

About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when 
exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns 
that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of 
seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause 
these "photosensitive -epilept^Gsjeizures" while watching video games. 

These seizures may have a variety 'oif symptoms, including 
lightheadedness, altered vision, eye .or face twitching, jerking or 
shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, Confusion, or momentary loss of 
awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions" 
that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects. 

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of 
these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about 
the above symptoms — children and teenagers are more likely than 
adults to experience these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting 
farther from the television screen, using a smaller television screen, 
playing in a well-lit room, and not playing when you are drowsy 
or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, 
consult a doctor before playing. 

Other Important Health and Safety Information The Xbox 
Instruction Manual contains important health and safety 
information that you should read and understand before using 
this software. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or 
rear-projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including 
Xbox games, are played on them. Static images presented during 
the normal course of game play may "burn in" to the screen, causing 
a permanent shadow of the static image to appear at all times, even 
when video games are not being played. Similar damage may occur 
from static images created when placing a video game on hold or 
pause. Consult your television owner's manual to determi];ie if video 
games can be played safely on your set. If you are unable to find tliis 
information in the owner's manual, contact your television dealer or 
the manufacturer to determine if video games can be pl«iye4 safel^ on 
your set. * ' ■ -. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public 
performance, rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection 
is strictly prohibited. 


Controls 2 

Main Screen 4 

The Fighters 

Reiji 7 

' > VittorJQ 8 

Vegard 9 

J.D. Stone lO 

Khan 11 

Sabre ^v^....:..-.., 12 

AsQd :):* .-;. 13 

Ying Kqi 1^'\ ,...:.... 14 

RenQ '. . . . : 15 

Crusher Ramirez 16 

ShQdouu '. ■ 17 

RoHy 18 

Credits 19 

Warranty 20 

Customer Support 21 

^^^ V 









Button Combos: . 

I Right Trigger + Q Throw 

© Special Movie* 

Right Trigger + © Boost** 

Right Trigger +^ ^-on D-Pad Jump/Crouch 

Left Trigger + Left Thumbstick or D-Pad Free Run 

*Only executed when the special bar is full. 
**Increases speed briefly, only when the special bar is full. 





Note: The button layout on your controller may differ from the 
one shown here. Gameplay is exactly the same. 

Main Screen 

^„^ After you press the START button, the Main screen is 
^^f displayed. Use the D-pad to make a selection based on the 
following choices. 

Single Player 

Play through the Kakuto Chojin Story or fight for your life in 
Survival mode. You can also train for the fight in Practice 
mode. Choose your character, skill level, and arena. 


Two to four players can choose to play a Battle Royal, Capture 
the Crown, or Versus game. 


Adjust Kakuto Chojin audio and video settings or the 
controller configuration. ■ , . 

Game Demos 

Take a look at some other great Xbox games! 

^/,/i/ f hM" Cnf« i^< 

4-^ / 


J^e fighters 

My unworthy assistants have helped me compile 
some tasty tidbits on this year's collection of the 
best fighters in the world — these are the chosen best that will 
claw and scratch their way through the Fist of Fire fighting 
tournament, held annually on the eve of the new year. 

As my notes show, the most attractive aspects of these 
competitors are that they are more than just great fighters, they 
are also the most ruthless and heartless group of individuals 
Fve ever encountered — ^very strong in the dark side. That's 
why many of them have already been invited to fight in the 
underground 'fighjiiag circuit here in Drasuka. Only the best 
and dirtiest fighters with the right connections (Can you say 
Maladinia?) find their way here. Yes, there are some newcomers 
I don't know much about, but by the time Fve seen them fight 
a time or two, Fll have discovered a lot of what I need to know 
for my purposes. I will find this thoroughly delectable. 


' ^-t 


Fighting Style: 
Jeel Kune Do 

Origin:* Jolf) an 

AGE:.2t'V ' 
Weight: 71 kg 
Height: 175 cm 

This young specimen is 

filled with anger. I like 

that. He was adopted and 

trained by his father, a 

well-respected Jeet Kune 

Do master. After Khan 

brutally murdered his father, Reiji was a man possessed with 

hatred and revenge. He still carries the scars from the wounds 

Khan left on him that fateful day — sometimes Khan just takes 

his carving a little too far. We never expected Reiji would find 

his way to the Fist of Fire so quickly, but here he is. It shows will 

and determination. He must really burn for revenge. We'll see 

how he does. 

If^ffkf^f^ ^'f^'^f' '9'"^ ^^^ '"^^^' 

Reiji's Favorite Moves: 

^? ^ + O Dj-iving Upper 

O, O, ^ + O Thrust Side Kick 

S + 4^ + O Rapid Spin Kick 

^ + O, O Body Blow Tight Hook 

O' O. O Chain Fist Spin Kick 


Fighting Style: 
Combat Arts 
Origin: Spain 
Age: 24 
Weight: 65 kg 
Height: 170 cm - 

Vittoria may think 
we don't know why ' 
she's here in Drasuka, 
but she's wrong. 
While growing up in 
Spain she thought 
she'd like to work for Interpol, so she studied criminology and 
combat and many different kinds of martial art forms. She's an 
interesting young woman. She came here to track down her 
brother. I'm not sure how she found out he was here, but it 
doesn't matter. Now, she's all mine. 

-f^fi^ A ^/fi^^ ^^/ 

Vittoria's Favorite Moves: 

O? ©? O Colmillo de Leon 

(Lion Fang) 

^ + O' O Barrena RodiUa 

(Knee Drill) 

+ ^ + O Rafagajabalina 

Qavelin Gust) 

©, Pierna de Tornado 

(Tornado Leg) 

■^j ^ + O Viraje Cuchillo 

(Revolving Knife) 



^J- V 


Fighting Style: 
Toe KujQn Do 

Origin: Noruuay 

Age: 30 

Weight: 80 kg 

Height: 180 cm 

;Oij^y a recent invite, 

Vegard just breathes 

evil. He's a man 

possessed. I mean, just 

look at him and you 

can tell he's one of us; I 

know he is because I know that iron mask. He's been fighting 

in the underground here in Drasiika and thrives on punishing 

his opponents, which has made him immensely popular. The 

thought of seriously hurting or killing another fighter thrills 

him, and he doesn't even appear to care about the money. He 

keeps coming back for more violence. I'm anticipating he'll do 

well in the Fist of Fire this year. . ^ - 

Vegard's Eworite Moves: 

O' O' O' O' O' O Chirugi, Yopdolyochagi 

(Frontal Thrust and Side Kick with 
Spiral Back Kick) . 

0, O Gotongjununbalchagi 

(The Road to Pain) 

O? O? O? O? O .Jeparuge Chirugi, Nopen Duirodolyochagi 

(Swift Stab with High Spiral Back Kick) 

^, © .Jaseral Bakunda 

(Stance Shift enabling additional moves) 

Q + ^? O Mujabihan Duirodolyochagi 

(Merciless Swing) 



Fighting Style: 
pit Fighting 

v IK "T*^ I Origin: US. A 

Age: 29 
Weight: 76 kg 
F ^ 10*' t il^f ■ 1 Height: 177 cm 

\ ^1^ EI i^B^dM } 

y ^ ■«.* K ^WH ^^^^ ^^^ seems nice but 

^ \ jjB "" * I ^1 I there's a definite mean streak 

B^\^ f^^jffc^ _. about him when it comes 

^!U^*^^<SBi^Si .^■'^ I ^^ ^^ ring. I find that so 
* W^ w ^►^^TW ^ ^WrH \ attractive! He's had close 

scrapes while in the military 
and even saw all his buddies ambushed and killed. Sorry about 
that! He should be thankful he- survived. I need to take a closer 
look at how he does against some of our best fighters in 
the Fist. 

J.D. Stone's Eworite Moves: ^^ 

O. O, O' O. O Knuckle Barrage ^ ' 

I w ^, ^ + Q Launcher Smash 

O, O, O Catling Blow 

^j ^ + O Lethal Headbutt 

|i While running press © Heel Air Raid 



Fighting Style: 
Hung Fu 

Origin: 'y - 
Hong Kohg,'- 

Age: 37 

r^ Weight: 170 kg 

^ Height: 195 cm 

^ Brutal, and that's 

v why we hired him. 
^ I know Khan all too 

^*^ well, and though he's 

^ not very pretty to look at he's done some great work for our 
^ organization. He came from the mean streets of Hong Kong 


and isn't known for his smarts. What he doesn't realize is we've 

lured him into our trap. He murdered one of our own, and 
v^ we WILL make him repent, one way or another. What Khan 
V did to Reiji's father was simply a work of art culminating in his 
^ "sculpting" upon Reiji himself. I wonder how they'll do in the 
v^ ring against each other? It will be amusing to watch! 

Khan's Favorite Moves: 

©? ©? © Lin Jyu Paau Kyun 

(Chain Uppercut) 

4^ + + © Lo Hon Paau Kyun 

(Lo HonXJppercut) 

O' O. © YingMuA'^a&m Chytinjeung 

(Open Triple Palm) 

+ © SeungPekDou 

(Double Cleaver Chop) 

+ ^, © Hak Hung Tau San 

(Black Bear Diving Charge) 




^J^ V 


Fighting Style: 

Origin: France 

Age: 27 

Weight: lOO kg 

Height: 190 cm - 

This malcontent is 
just what we've been' 
looking for. He's a 
brute who always wants 
more, regardless of 
how he gets it. He's 
been a Maladinia fighter for a while now in our underground 
circuit here in Drasuka. The crowds love him. We'll have to 
take a closer look at a promotion, but only after seeing how he 
does in the Fist of Fire. 

Sabre's Eworite Moves: 

\' + ©? © Minamo Nagi 

(Ripple Mark) 

[3 + ^ + O Toryou Gouken f- 

(Dragon Fist) # 

While running press © Doumawashi Kaitengeri' A^ ^ 

(Mid-section Spin Kick) •*f«.*'i^' 

O, O' O. O Renken Natabari '" '% . 

(Continuous Hatchet Sweep) ■'*. 

O, O, O Renken Hizageri 

(Continuous Fist with Knee Kick) 


^^^ V 


Fighting Style: 

Origin: SomafiQ 

Age: 31 

Weight: 103 kg 

\ Height: 192 cm 
^.^ . 

"Asjpkd's reputation 

preceded him. That's why 

I ordered he be brought 

to me. I know he doesn't 

like being here but he's 

good at fighting and hard 

to beat. The anger burns within him, and he's out for revenge 

like many of the others. I like his style. He grew up in a remote 

African village where he was taught the art of focusing his mind 

on physical tasks by a Siamese-Thai fighting master. His balance 

and speed are extraordinary. It's too bad we had to destroy his 

entire village to force him to come here to Drasuka and Bght 

Asad's Eworite Moves: 

0+4- +0 Chock Seal Koun 

(Powerful Uppercut) 

0, O Dtae Nar Kang Song Krang 

(Double Shin Kick) 

^ + O, O, O Dtae Kan Kor 

(Power Kick Combo) 

^ + ©, O Dtae Nar Kang Leaw Kaow Loy 

(Floating Combo) 

O, O' O Chock Song Krang Leaw Dtae Kan Kor 

(Upper Attack) 









YiNG Kai Li 

Fighting Style: 
Rung Fu 


Hong Kong, SAR 

Age: 17 

Weight: 54 kg 

Height: 160 cm 

Ying is a born rebel. He's a 
runaway looking for trouble and not bad at the fighting arts, 
especially for hi^size. He was raised by traditional Chinese 
parents who moved to Hong Kong from a northern province 
only a year ago. He quickly fell in with a hip, young gang of 
kids and began skipping school and skateboarding all day on 
the streets of lower downtown. He hasn't studied Hakkyoku-ken 
very long at all but has excelled. He has natural abilities in that 
area. He's very quick. He's a born leader and rebelled against 
his father's discipline. He knows Reiji but is jealous of him. Ying 
secretly admires Sabre's fighting skill and hopes to meet hinl in 
the cage. 

Ying Kai Li's Favorite Moves: 

O? O? O Longpi Dakai Shang Bu Zhang 

(Open Stance Dragon Palm) 

^, ^ + O HuPu 

(Tiger Strike) 

+ J. + O Lishi Po Shan Zhang 

(Li's Mountain Breaking Strike) 

+ O TiLongKao 

(Dragon Lift Bodycheck) 

^, ^ + O Shang Bu Ding She 

(Driving Elbow) 

Fighting Stvle- iT^fc-^^l^^ ^^J 

* ' ' \^^_^dBr / 

This young girl is quite a i^H ff ^^^E^^HSi I 

competitor. She is SO young m m ^Kv^>r*--*^S -. 1 

and impressionable, and I'd ^^^ftJ^BBH^Ssl^^H^^ I 

even call her naive — easy ^t^^S^Sflfi^^V^Hi I 

prey! She is spoiled and overly ^^""'n^J^ ^w ^ Ti ^ft^rwf-' *' 

self-assured. We can use that. Her style is ^^ ' — — ^ * 

quite unusual, but her application of it upon an opponent is a 
joy to watch. No one should underestimate her skills. She is a 
disillusioned rebel. She also has no problem stealing from her 
own father — an excellent trait even though her father works for 
me. She has a good bloodline for spreading evil. 

t*'^. Rena's Iavorite Moves: 

4" + O? O Macaco Continuo 

I , " (Spinning Monkey) 

O, O Au Chihata Rabo de Golfinho | 

(Dolphin TaiJ Whip) 

t^+O Folha ^'*^ . * . 

(Falling Leaf) 

O' O' O' O' O' O' O Combina^aoMarteloMeiaLua 

(Half-Moon Hammer) 

O? O, O, O Martelo Bencao Chapa 

(Hammering Plate) 



%^,!< V 


Fighting Style: 



Origin: Argentina 

Age: 34 

Weight: 180 kg 

Height: 210 cm 

Crusher Ramirez has 
traveled the world as a 
wrestler and been suspended from 
every major wrestling federation. His viciousness has earned 
him a reputation that no legitimate wrestling promoter will 
touch, but we of course don't mind it at all. As a matter of fact 
it's something we find quite appealing. He has found a home 
here in Drasuka, where his tendency to permanently cripple his 
opponents is an advantage since it thins out his competition. 
He is brutal and direct. His boundless anger and willingness to 
do anything to win is an asset, and he's as strong as a pair 
of oxen. 

Crusher's Eworite Moves: 

^, O, O Knuckle Driver Hook 

^, ^ + O BuU Head Crush v 

+ ^ + O Full Swing Lariat E -J Jv 

♦ +0 NeckCutKick - .\. 

^ + 0,0 Knuckle Sledge Hammer 

^^/ m ^^(^^ 


^J- V 



Fighting Style: 



Age: Unknouun 

, . Weight: 



Rumors about 

Shadow are wild and 

contradictory with not 

much truly known by the public. Some say he's the result of 

a genetic experiment, and others think he's a cyborg, but we 

know the truth. Shadow is a faceless, heartless, merciless force 

in any combat, a personal favorite of mine since he has the 

highest body count of any of our Maldinia lighters. He excels at 

killing, something we continue to encourage. The fans 

love him! - ^ ^ r 

Shadow's Eworite Moves: 

[3 + ^ + O Mouryou Chousyuu 

(Ricochet Water Spirit) 

4" + O Nichirinn Geri " 

(Sun Dial) 

^, ^ + O Enshinfunshu 

(Centripetal Spin) 

O? O? O Sokushuu Genmazan 

(Phantom Kick) 

O. O, O' O Anken Enkukyaku 

(Dark Monk) 




Fighting Style: 
Hung Fu 

Origin: US. A. 

Age: 25 

Weight: 60 kg 

Height: 173 cm 

She knows pain and how 
to dish it out, which is a 
major plus. Of course, 
she had a good teacher 
since she was one of 
Khan's students until he attacked her — he's such 
a succulent pig! She escaped and continued to do good work as 
a mercenary and an assassih:,'-and her mark is evident in many 
bloody encounters throughout the world. She has successfully 
completed a number of contracts for us as well. The fun part is 
she thinks she's looking for Rena, as an assignment for Rena's 
father who works for us, but she's really only being drawn more 
deeply into our web — ^well, they all are. 



Rohy's Eworite Moves: 

^, ^, O Yi Hei Geuk 

(Double High Kick) 

+ O Lung San Syun Hung Teu 

(Mid-air Dragon Turn Kick) 

0+4^ +0 PaauTaiSat 

(Cannon Knee Lift) 

+ © Hit Bou Sou Sau 

(Scorpion Step and Strike) 

O. O. O. O Bin Gwa Lin Syun Ji 

(Spinning Whip Attack Combo) 




Kunihiko Nakata 

Yoshikatsu Kanemaru 
Earnest Yuen 
Executive ProduP"0-v 
Ed Fries ^ 
Toshiyuki Miyg,ta 
Development Producer 
Seiichi Isjiii 
Game Designers 
Seiichi Ishii 
Kunihiko Nakata 
Art Director 
Kenichi Iwata 
Character Design 
Hirohiko lyoku 
Character Modelers 
Takeshi Ochiai 
Yasuyuki Hayashi 
Fumitaka Yano 
Story Creation 
Keith Cirillo 
Stage Modelers 
Iwamoto Koji# 
Ichiro Kyuuma# 
Haruki Watanabe# 
Norihiro Kashima* 
Tatsuya Kushida© 
Junji Tsuda 
Haruhiko Miwa 
Joko Sato 
Takahiko Kimura 
Akiyuki Ishida 
Kayo Yoshida 
Daisuke Sato 
Information Design 
Masahisa Watanabe© 
Directors Support 
Ken Fujikawa© 
System Programmer 
Hisahiko Takeuchi 
Ganie System Programmer 
Masaaki Komatsu 
Naoki Hirai 
' Noboru Fujiyama 
Hiroyuki Ono 
■ Takeshi Sasame 
Takeshi Tsukada 
Takashi Hirai 
Teppei Ikeda 
Makio Kuniyoshi 
Katsuto Kawauchi 
Hidenori Sato 
Yasutaka Matsuda 
Hidetoshi Kudo 
Kenji Chujo 
Ryusuke Villemin 
Yoshifumi Watanabe 
Shinpei Matsuo 
Hiroshi Narimatsu 

Chief Motion Creator 

Toshimizu Shimafuji 
Motion Creators 
Masataka Aochi « 
Kunihiro Sakai* 
Takeshi Kawabe • 
Shinji Hasebe 
Shoji Ando© 
Motion Capture 
System Partnership 
Koji Mikami© 
Naoki Okamoto • 
Motonobu Kawashima# 
Takafumi Ueki • 
Kenji Ozawa© 
Haruhiko Mori# 
Tatsuya Aoyama • 
Creative Lab, Tokyo 
University of Technology 
Motion Capture 
System Advisor 
Akira Sugiyama 
Lead Scripter 
Shintaro Maeno • 
Joji Sakaue* 
Taiyo Ito • 

Technical Coordinator 
Takeshi Inomata* 
Shintaro Umeda© 

Masafumi Horiuchi# 
Motion Actor 
Kenji Tominaga# 
Toshikazu Seike • 
Yoshitaka Suzuki 9 
System Administrator 
Yoshiya Takahashi 
Scenario Writer 
Makoto Goya 
Sound Director and 
Audio Lead 
Yuko Araki 
Hiroshi Utsuyama 

Background Music Recording 
and Mix Engineer 

Yoshikazu Kamata 
Sound Effects Creation 
Salamander Factory Inc. 
Japan Voiceover Coordination 

Tohokushinsha Film 


U.S. Voiceover 

Sr. Producer: Tracy Sullivan 

Producer: Karen Howe 

Audio Engineer: Jason Bilyeu 

Test Leads 

Hideaki Matsuoka 

Utako Tanaka 

Marquis Harding© 

Product Marketing 

Andrew Royal 

Tomoaki Inoue 

Technical Support 

Yukie Yamaguchi 

Koji Saito 

Naoto Yoshioka 


Wilson Kunihiko Ritch 

James Spahn 

Product Planner 

Jonah Masaru Nagai 


Atsuhi Yoshida 


Craig Marshall© 

Nobu Shearon • 


Lead: Tacey Miller 

Miho Horiuchi# 

Ireland: Peter Fitzpatrick 

Kakuto Chojin Manual 

Writer, User Experience Lead: 

Keith Cirillo 

Editor: Jenni Gaynor# 

Design: Kris Beecroft9 

Product Support 

Scott Hirnle 

Special Thanks 

Tomoyuki Hoshi, Shigeo Tatsumi, Yuji Saito, Rei Matsumura, 
Aya Nameki, Phil Spencer, Jonathan Sposato, Doug Martin, 
Todd Steverts, Craig Henry, Douglas Herring, Mark Forrer, 
Dana Eos, JoAnn^e Williams, Matt Whiting, Jule Zuccotti, 
Peter Parsons, Chris Cocks, Orlena Yeung, Brannon Boren*, 
Bill Fulton, Kevin' Gcfeb"el#, Kevin Keeker, Alex Zahajko Jr., 

Sandra Hernandes * *^ \ "' ^ 

* . m • f 

• BIHOU, Inc. 

• CRAFTEX, Inc. 
RIZ, Inc. 


• GOSHOW Limited Partnership 
Q Japan Action Enterprise Co. Ltd. 

• Volt 

• S&TOnSite 



%^^^ V 

Limited Warranty For Your Copy of Xbox Game Software 
("Game") Acquired in the United States or Canada 

Microsoft Corporation ("Microsoft") warrants to you, the original purchaser 
of the Game, that this Game will perform substantially as described in the 
accompanying manual for a period of 90 days from the date of first purchase. If 
you discover a problem wifh the Garjie covered by this warranty within the 90 day 
period, your retailer will repair or ^replace the Game at its option, free of charge, 
according to the process identified below. This limited warranty: (a) does not 
apply if the Game is used in a business of for a commercial purpose; and (b) 
is void if any difficulties with the Game are related to accident, abuse, virus or 

Returns within 90 day period 

Warranty claims should be made to your retailer. Return the Game to your retailer 
along with a copy of the original sales receipt and an explanation of the difficulty 
you are experiencing with the Game. At its option, the retailer will either repair 
or replace the Game. Any replacement Game will be warranted for the remainder 
of the original warranty period or 30 days from receipt, whichever is longer. If 
for any reason the Game cannot be repaired or replaced, you will be entitled to 
receive your direct (but no other) damages incurred in reasonable reliance but 
only up to the amount of the price you paid for the Game. The foregoing (repair, 
replacement or limited damages) is your exclusive remedy. 


This limited warranty is in place of all other express or statutory warranties, 
conditions or duties and no others of any nature are made or shall be binding 
on Microsoft, its retailers or suppliers. Any implied warranties applicable to this 
Game or the media in which it is contained are limited to the 90 day period 
PURPOSE. Some states/jurisdictions do not allow limitations as to how long 
an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions or limitations of incidental or 
consequential damages so the above limitations and/or exclusions of liability may 
not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also 
have other rights that vary from state/jurisdiction to state/jurisdiction. 

For questions regarding this warranty contact your retailer or Microsoft at: 
Xbox Product Registration ; 

Microsoft Corporation ^ % .i^i^'^ , - 

One Microsoft Way /' ■ ' 1 ^ r' 

Redmond, WA 98052-9953 USA •'i'* \''^_ ' . , 

In the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX.TTY users: 1-866-740-X:BQX, 


^^^ V 

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